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Khukuri Palace

Khukuri Palace is officially registered in Ministry of Commerce and recognized by Government of Nepal bearing registration no.62663/059/60. The main objective of Khukuri Palace is to sustain this unique handicraft of Nepal with...

khukuri Catalog

Paper Knife or Letter...
Price: USD 12.99
Weight: 75 grams
This Paper knife khukuri (kukri) is the...
DAU (The Meat Chopper)
Price: USD 47.99
Weight: 850 grams
DAU (The Meat Chopper): Dau, a nepalese name...
Dhankute khukuri (Wooden)
Price: USD 66.99
Weight: 650 grams
This Dhankute khukuri (kukri) derived its name...
Brown Dragon Spine...
Price: USD 130.99
Weight: 1100 grams
The back of blade of this khukuri has been...
Nepal Army khukuri
Price: USD 39.99
Weight: 600 grams
This Nepal Army khukuri or kukri is issued to...
Chitlange Brass Handle...
Price: USD 83.99
Weight: 1100 grams
This Chitlange khukuri (kukri) is made in...
  • Khukuri Palace is the real, authentic and geniune gurkha knives (khukuri, kukri) Manufacturer, retailer and wholesaler.

  • Official khukuri (kukri) supplier to British Gurkhas : the most renowned and elite army in the world (with proof)

  • Recognized by US Marines.

  • Experts and best of the best khukuri (kukri) makers (Kamis) from all over Nepal working under one roof for us.

  • Producing the varieties of khukuri (kukri) in widest range.
  • Our Best Seller

    6 inch Khukuri (Pruner)
    Price: US $25.99
    Weight: 350 gm.

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