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Before buying our product please read the following so you can be sure that you are buying best quality and genuine product from genuine sellers. As we all know that the khukuri (gurkhaknife) is made famous by the British/Indian/Nepal Gurkha Army all over the world since World War I days. As it is rightly said that a Gurkha soldier without khukuri is nothing.

From the past to present many British Gurkha Army soldiers have been decorated with Victoria Cross the highest Medal of Honor by the British Army. Even the Queen of England stands up and salutes the V.C. winner Gurkha soldiers when they take the parade in ceremonial occasions. With such a reputation to keep up with it is obvious that they are provided with best of the best materials to be used and we are proud to say that we are the current KHUKURI SUPPLIER to BRITISH GURKHAS and we have proof and hosted on our websites.

But lately some of the khukuri seller are claiming they are the only genuine khukuri makers and spreading the wrong messages like that the Gurkha Soldier carry cheap quality khukuri, which not only questions the stature of our company but also the reputation of elite army which carries our khukuri.And on the other hand they are focusing their sites that they are the official khukuri supplier to Gurkhas of present days without any Proof.

Therefore, we, and appeal our genuine customers not to encourage such horrendous act from such sites.



  • Khukuri Palace is the real, authentic and geniune gurkha knives (khukuri, kukri) Manufacturer, retailer and wholesaler.

  • Official khukuri (kukri) supplier to British Gurkhas : the most renowned and elite army in the world (with proof)

  • Recognized by US Marines.

  • Experts and best of the best khukuri (kukri) makers (Kamis) from all over Nepal working under one roof for us.

  • Producing the varieties of khukuri (kukri) in widest range.
  • Our Best Seller

    Purkhauli Khukuri (Ancestral)
    Price: US $89.99
    Weight: 900 gm.

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