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Price USD 25.00
Product Weight 1000 grams
Weight with Packaging 1300 grams
Stock Yes
Origin Detail Kathmandu, Nepal

Product Description :
This stand is suitable for 18”to 25”khukuri such as Long18” khukuri etc. The base of this stand has 18.5”length, 5.5”breadth and 1.5cm in thickness. The hands stand 7”tall. It is made of furniture wood. It weighs 1000gms.

Size Description :

Complimentary : Certificate of Guarantee, Tag, Wrapping Lokta Paper.

  • Khukuri Palace is the real, authentic and geniune gurkha knives (khukuri, kukri) Manufacturer, retailer and wholesaler.

  • Official khukuri (kukri) supplier to British Gurkhas : the most renowned and elite army in the world (with proof)

  • Recognized by US Marines.

  • Experts and best of the best khukuri (kukri) makers (Kamis) from all over Nepal working under one roof for us.

  • Producing the varieties of khukuri (kukri) in widest range.
  • Our Best Seller

    World War khukuri or Dehradoone khukuri with Gurkha Book
    Price: US $47.99
    Weight: 1100 gm.

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