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About Us

Khukuri Palace is officially registered in Ministry of Commerce and recognized by Government of Nepal bearing registration no.62663/059/60. The main objective of Khukuri Palace is to sustain this unique handicraft of Nepal with better quality, best-designed blade and above all the authenticity because some of the manufacturers are making the khukuri in a wrong way and in cheap quality and giving this National Symbol of Nepal a bad name so we strongly recommend our valued customer to choose the right one and let us feel proud of what we are doing. Nepal’s most of the khukuri factory lies in Dharan -a small town in the eastern part of Nepal. It is because of easy availability of raw materials and Biswokarmas (master craftsman),who are working for various khukuri shops centered in Kathmandu.But let me first remind you that khukuri is not only made in Dharan, it is made in different region of Nepal. For e.g.Bhojpure khukuri is made in Bhojpur, Chainpure khukuri is made in Chainpur; Dhankute khukuri is made in Dhankuta to name a few. These places are again small towns in eastern part of Nepal.There are lots of small towns where khukuries are being made so it is very difficult and inconvenient for us to go to each and every village and collect the khukuries. Therefore we have chosen the best skilled craftsmen from different region and kept them under one roof to manufacture for us. Khukuri, which is totally made by hand, from hammering the hot high- grade carbon steel to fixing the handle into it. (Except the shining of the blade which is done by buffing machine.) Between this processes one has to be very skilled to bring the exact shape of the blade design of the said region, and wonderful balanced weight. The one and the most crucial part of this process is tempering the edge of blade, which needs extra precaution and our main priority in manufacturing khukuri lies on it. This is because that if the tempering is not done well then one cannot call it khukuri, no matter how good it looks. >From paper knives to buff head we have given relentless effort on this aspect. After that it has to match with the scabbard perfectly otherwise the fine polishing of the blade gets scratches and for that we have taken good care of it and one can be sure that our product’s blade are neat and clean. Khukuri Palace has wide range of varieties based on traditional, army, decorative, sacrificial etc. And above that our craftsmen are so efficient that they are able to produce any type of khukuri in any said design. Due to the hard work of our craftsmen, their dedication and devotion for the existence of better quality product the result is in front of you. For that we feel proud to say that we are the best and finest producer of this genuine khukuri in Nepal.


In course of time we have supplied to few embassies located in Kathmandu, Nepal, travel companies and manpower companies who are providing Gurkha security guards all over the world and as of today we are still supplying them. We are grateful and greatly honored for being RECOGNIZED by U.S.MARINE CORPS, based in Kathmandu, Nepal which has highly encouraged us.

" We are proud to let our valued customers know that we had been rewarded twice as the official khukuri suppliers to the British Gurkha Army."

About Our Websites

Initially when we started, our motive was not only business but to promote “Genuine khukuri” all over the world which has a significant meaning to the people of Nepal and most importantly to the world renowned “gurkhas”. Since there is no better option than the WEB to promote any product and thus was born our website We catered to our valued customers all over the world through this website, and we have achieved our goal in great extent in such a short period of time. We are very grateful to our valued customers for their overwhelming response. Further, keeping in mind the precious time of our customers and to make the payment procedure easy, safe and convenient, we are proud to have launched our website to buy khukuris online i.e. and


We are very hopeful from our valued customers that we will get your support in coming future too, so that we can maintain the existence of this unique and genuine handicraft of Nepal and at the same time to increase the skills of our craftsmen.

At last but not the least, this khukuri/kukri 'The formidable knives of the Legendary Gurkhas' was originated in Nepal.The land of Gurkhas, the Birthplace of Lord Buddha and the Country where the highest mountain 'Mount Everest' is situated.One can buy khukuri from anywhere in the world but to buy directly from Nepal has different essence. We Khukuri Palace are making and manufacturing this Khukuri 'The pride of the Gurkhas' right here in Nepal just for you.


  • Khukuri Palace is the real, authentic and geniune gurkha knives (khukuri, kukri) Manufacturer, retailer and wholesaler.

  • Official khukuri (kukri) supplier to British Gurkhas : the most renowned and elite army in the world (with proof)

  • Recognized by US Marines.

  • Experts and best of the best khukuri (kukri) makers (Kamis) from all over Nepal working under one roof for us.

  • Producing the varieties of khukuri (kukri) in widest range.
  • Our Best Seller

    Buff Head khukuri *The Monster*
    Price: US $299.99
    Weight: 5500 gm.

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