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Gurkha Hat

Price USD 79.99
Product Weight 400 grams
Weight with Packaging 1500 grams
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Origin Detail Kathmandu, Nepal

Product Description :
The Gurkha Hat is now one hundred years since the fore-runner of Hats, Felt, Gurkha, which has become synonymous with the Gurkha soldier, was first introduced into Gurkha Regiments for field service wear. The hat went on to be worn by Gurkha units on the frontiers of India and in all the operational theaters during both World Wars. Today, it is worn by Gurkha units of the British and Indian Armies, the Nepalese Army and the many Gurkha police and security units that have been raised around the world. Regiments and Battalions began to fashion the hat to their own designs. Some wore it with either the left or right side hooked up; puggarees were added, with Regimental colored piping; and Regimental badges and or flashes were incorporated. In the years following the 1st World War, the brim became flat and stiffened, as we know it today, and the hat was worn well tilted over one ear and a size or two smaller than necessary for effect. This laid most of the skull bare to the elements, thereby defeating the original object of the hat to give protection from the sun and rains. Initially, Hats, Felt, Gurkha were only worn by Gurkha officers and soldiers, but photographic evidence suggests that British officers began to wear the hat in the 1920s. By the end of the 2nd World War, the hat was being worn by all ranks in most Gurkha Regiments. Now In The British Army, it is no longer worn in the field and its wear is now primary confined to parades and ceremonial duties.

Size Description :

Complimentary : Certificate of Guarantee, Tag, Wrapping Lokta Paper.

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